Introducing the 8bitdo NES30

8bitdo NES30 Bluetooth Wireless Controller

Supports iOS, Android, Mac OSX*, and Windows.
Programmable keys. Touch-screen gaming support.


8bitdo Nintendo pro controller



Built To Withstand The Test of Time

NES30 Bluetooth controller

Professionally designed and impeccably crafted, the 8bitdo NES30 Bluetooth controller represents the very definition of perfection. With more than 10 designers and a team of 20 engineers, our entire focus is building the greatest Bluetooth gaming controllers in the world. It's no surprise that the 8bitdo NES30 is built from the same parts used by companies like Microsoft, Samsung, and Sony.



Bluetooth NES SNES controller


Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac OSX, and Windows Devices

The 8bitdo NES30 works on most mobile devices like Apple phones and Android phones. Even if your device isn't jailbroken or rooted, the NES30 can support a majority of games that are iCade compatible.





Touch Screen & Bluetooth Support

The 8bitdo NES30 allows for gaming on mobile devices that are built for touch screens. Simply drag and drop to map your keys. Best for fighting games and more!

NES Bluetooth controller